PAGO Cash: One token with endless applications

PAGO Cash Rewards Program

Between July 5th 2019 and August 5th 2020: For every 3.000.000 PAGO held in your Waves wallet you will receive

20000 PAGOX (worth 0.0002 Bitcoin) per week
  • If you hold more than 30M PAGO in your wallet we will double your rewards to 40.000 PAGOX per week for each 3M PAGO held in your wallet
  • If you hold more than 300M PAGO in your wallet we will triple your rewards to 60.000 PAGOX per week for each 3M PAGO held in your wallet
  • PAGO Cash will buy and burn all PAGOX Tokens at a fixed price of 1 Satoshi each
  • PAGOX rewards will be sent every Friday between 16:00 and 23:00 UTC
  • To qualify, your Waves wallet must hold the PAGO tokens by 16:00 UTC on the day of the airdrop
  • Exchange PAGOX for BTC or PAGO at any time using our trading pairs on Waves DEX

Buy and trade PAGO with the following options


This are some of our current and upcoming products

DATA: Live Cryptocurrency Marketcap

Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator

Slots / Poker / Blackjack / Roulette / Dice


ARMY: Exclusive Crypto Social Network

Real Estate Listings with Crypto

Donations & Crowdfunding Platform


One of the most attractive features for investors and crypto traders is the scarcity of their tokens. PAGO is a very special case, thanks to our weekly coin burn program we will constantly reduce the circulating supply. 

We are committed to making PAGO more valuable not only by scarcity, but also by increasing adoption creating new and exciting products for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Every week we will burn 100% of the PAGO tokens received for all our services.

We will continue to do so until we burn 90% of all PAGO tokens originally created.


It’s simple, we burn 100% of all the PAGO tokens received as fees for all our services. PAGO becomes more scarce every single day. A true deflationary cryptocurrency.

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